Chris From Trip & Trail Shares his Wonderful Experience.

>> Please tell us something about yourself.

I’m a professional photographer, content creator, and a blogger who loves to travel and explore new places and cultures.

>>What inspired you to become a travel blogger & how long have you been a travel blogger for?

Photography, I was looking for a platform to showcase my work outside the social media world; and since most of it was travel photography, blogging came as a natural choice. I’ve been blogging for five years.

>> How many countries have you traveled to?
Without counting, probably around 15. My projects go deep, which means that I spend more time on a destination than most people. As an example, during my last trip to Madrid, I spent two weeks exclusively in the city, I didn’t even visit Toledo.

>> What are the websites you always check for travel deals to save while you travel?
Booking and AirBnb, are two sites that I always search for accommodation. For air tickets, I go straight to the airliner, as for rentals, I usually have a look on, but more often than not book straight from the car rental companies.

>> What is the worst and what is the best travel advice you have ever received?
“Beware of the locals” is the worst, the best being not to overschedule my days.

>> What has been one of your most favorite travel memories or moments?
Watching the sun setting over the Dragon lake for the first time—a gorgeous glacial lake on Mt. Tymfi, Greece.

>> The most luxurious place you have stayed at and the worst place you have ever stayed at?
The most luxurious was a super luxurious 12th-floor apartment on a residential skyscraper across El Retiro park in Madrid. The worst was also in Madrid; a tiny attic where I couldn’t stand without hitting my head on the inclined ceiling.

>> What is still on your bucket list?
My bucket list is pages and pages. Kamchatka and New York are two places that just just popped into my mind.

>> What do you wish to achieve with your website? Blogging tips you would like to share with everyone?

My blog is mostly on active and adventure travel, so my goal is to push people out of their safety zone and help them discover new experiences that can potentially have a meaningful impact on their lives. As long as I can make people hike a trail, climb a mountain, or stroll an old neighborhood in the night, for the first time, I’m happy.

  • My tip is this: Study the culture and etiquette of the destination you’re about to visit; when you get there, merge into their culture and leave yours behind.

>> What advice do you have to aspiring travel bloggers?
Take everything you see and read on the internet with a grain of salt; stick to your principles and ideas, even when it comes at a cost; and as cliche as it sounds, favor the hard way over the easy one, it’ll take you further.

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